Book Holders for Disabled People



Disabled people face difficulties to work normally. In today’s modern age, huge varieties of products have been introduced to aid them in doing their routine work. Book holders are one such example.   Book holder is suitable for use by everyone not just the disabled.



Whenever you are lying down, cooking food, cycling on exercise machine or doing any other work, they provide you facility to read book easily without holding it.



Using these holders will relieve stress from the body of disabled people. Normally functionality of these book holders is to prevent body strain which arises from body of disabled by holding them in incorrect reading postures.




           Physical disability will make it painful and difficult to read a book or a magazine. Book holder companies alleviate these problems by introducing light weight, adjustable and portable book holders to hold whatever reading material you have.



They provide you independence to read without any restriction and are extremely functional for hands free reading without neck strain. Now disabled or injured people can take as much benefit as other take from books with the help of these book holders. Some available book holder options are given below:


- Floor Standing


- Book Holders which offer one handed page turning.


- Bean Filled book holders that adjust to any surface and include page holder which keep pages in position.


- Flat folding for storage.


- Folding adjustable angled easel on legs. 


Some book holders offered by different manufacturers through different sources are listed below which will help you to choose best one. 



LEVO Book Holder


          This product is offered by LEVO and by using this product a book on your desk would be as still as a rock in your garden. Your book can swing, tilt, yaw and roll with little push and it allows you to read the material comfortably.



 It features free desk or counter space. LEVO book holder features a specially engineered page holders that keep book wide open. They improve the postures of disabled people and reduce pain in neck. Any comfortable angle can be achieved using these book holders.  



Book Cradle Book Holder and Stand


          This product is offered by Zelco. It is a versatile reading tool which allows us to read material with ease and comfort. These holders are ergonomically designed for cradle books. These books are specifically suitable for disabled people, students and voracious readers.



They feature adjustable arms and hold books firmly open while allowing pages to easily turn. They are available in about $16 and if you want to order online that shipping charges will make this price to about $25.





The Book Reading Stand Team